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We hold both Beginners courses and NFAS specific coaching on a regular basis at our facilities situated near Chelmsford.

Beginners courses and more advanced NFAS specific training is conducted by our fully qualified NFAS coaches. We offer a taster session, followed by 5 additional lessons as part of the course.  These 6 lessons, totaling 9 hours, are usually sufficient to enable students to shoot safely and competently. Beginners who successfully complete the whole course will have gained the basic skills and concept of the technique of archery, together with an understanding of the equipment, the safety rules and archery etiquette. Once achieving this standard, students are declared competent by their Coach and then may shoot unsupervised at our facilities during opening hours.

If students wish to compete in NFAS affiliated open shoots, further NFAS specific training can be given to enable the student to be signed off as safe to satisfy the conditions of Full membership of the NFAS.

All sessions include all necessary archery equipment.

For that special present, Coaching gift vouchers are available for a taster session or the whole course.